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I am working on how to conceptualize, create, and manage e-design projects that reach their intended target audience, continually pushing the creative sun in an ever-changing technical environment.

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“Design can be art. Design can be aesthetics. Design is so simple, that's why it is so complicated.” ― Paul Rand

Ideas and concepts

Creating innovative ideas through Brainstorming, Red Ocean and Blue Ocean methods.


Clean designs that match the target audience & the brand alignment


Capturing and editing high quality footage with latest technologies on the market.


Capturing and editing high quality images with latest technologies on the market.

Coding & development

Clean and structured code connected with latest features on the market reduces development cost and time.

e-cONCEPT development

Design and user experience in order to maximise the quality of websites, and other digital communication, in an organisation.

Multimedia dESIGN

Working with the analytical and practical sides of multimedia production, such as strategy and market analysis, A/V productions, the design of user interfaces, and programming of the end result.

ngo supporter

Working pro-bono for different NGO`s, such as AIESEC-Denmark , Youth to Business-Denmark, Ingenious Drama Festival-Romania, Manyfest-Romania,T4T-Romania, VIP Romania.
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Meet me

My name is Bogdan Zanescu and I am a 22 year-old man with a young spirit and heart in love with design, video, art,code, photography, digital editing, travelling, swimming, good books and everything that is beautiful in this world. At the moment I am studying to become an E-Concept Designer in Odense, Denmark and I am open to new opportunities. I also enjoy volunteering and working in a cross-cultural environment.


Company Projects

PSD projects

Photographs taken

Video Projects
  • Bogdan is a hard worker, that does his best to meet the clients demands and deadline. He is not afraid to work late to get the work done or to change it to fit the clients wishes.
    Philip Brechmann
    Milkwood, CEO
  • During his internship at Blue Ocean Robotics, Bogdan had various tasks in video postproduction, photography, graphic design and coding. His skills are helpful to any business that needs to develop or sustain their digital communication strategy.
    John Erland Østergaard
    Blue Ocean Robotics, CEO
  • In 2009 he became head of the department and was chosen as the best organizer of the year. His responsibilities throughout the years have included not only managing the creative team of the festival and making promotional materials (posters, flyers, banners, and so on) but also general responsibilities, ranging from fund-raising to event planning.
    Marius Motoca
    Board Member of I.D. FEST NGO

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PHONE: +45 25 12 07 84
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